Friday, January 21, 2011

Remotely Streaming Your Music Library For Free

Here are two easy ways to sream your home music library for free. One is very easy, the  orther is somewhat easy.. Pick your poison:
Very Easy Way
Somewhat Easy Way

Remotely Streaming Your Music Library To Your Android Phone and/or Tablet

Very Easy Way
Via Winamp Remote
Step 1: Download and Install Winamp (wireless sync instructions here, android beta download of winamp here )
Step 2: Install "Winamp Remote" Plugin
Step 3: Setup your free account (see link above or below)
Step 4: Configure for your device here

Somewhat Easy Way
Via SubSonic
Step 1: Download the latest stable release of SubSonic here
Step 2: Install SubSonic See Video Below

Step 3: Consult forum here for any miscellaneous issues that may arise during installation (I didn't have any)
Step 4: Download Android App
Step 5: Open app on your Android Device
Step 6: Click Settings and then configure one of the servers

Step 7: For address, use the one setup from http://localhost --> Settings --> Network
Step 8: comment questions and/or issues or go to the forum.

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